Download our R & Excel based tools for free

At iMTA we constantly try to improve methods for cost-effectiveness research. We also like to make the tools we develop available free of charge (although we sometimes apply user fees for commercial use).

Burden of diseases (iDBC tool)

With the iMTA Disease Burden Calculator, one can estimate the total (and proportional) QALYs lost. Using the probabilistic part of the iDBC, one can also estimate the probability of being cost-effective given a range of thresholds. Expressing QALYs lost due to a condition is and important measure of unmet need. Find the free iDBC tool here.

Costs in life years gained (PAID tool)

With the Practical Application to Include Disease cost (PAID) tools, one can estimate the additional costs incurred to the health care system due to improved longevity after treatment. There are tools available for the Netherlands and the UK, with the plan to add further country tools in the future. Find the free PAID tool here.

Informal CARE effect tool (iCARE tool)

Caregiving can have substantial effects on peoples’ lives, their health, and their well-being. However, clinical trials rarely assess these effects and thus no information on caregiver burden is available when the cost-effectiveness of a treatment is evaluated. The iCARE tool, allows the estimation (including uncertainty) of the mean hours of care received by men or women based on their EQ-5D-5L or 3L score. Find the free caregiver tool here.