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October newsletter

Find our October 2019 newsletter here

With updates on:

  • Our full ISPOR presentation time plan
  • Interviews for the HecoPerMed project
  • ESMO presentations on the CAPRI register
  • Interview with N.Buyukkaramikli on the TECH-VER publication
  • And more!
iMTA June 2019 newsletter

Our iMTA June 2019 newsletter is online! Find it here

In this edition:

  • Interview with Matthijs Versteegh on severity adjusted probability of being cost-effective
  • Our H2020 project on economic evaluations in medical devices
  • H2020 project on personalized medicine
  • The SELFIE final conference
iMTA Q12019 newsletter

Our Q1 2019 newsletter is out! Find it here.

With news updates on:

– Interview about our new COPD model
– Awards for the CAPRI registry
– New projects for govt of Malta & ZonMW
– Recent publications

iMTA October newsletter

The new iMTA newsletter is online!

Find our ISPOR presentation schedule, our presence at ESMO, our publications on ‘when is it too expensive’, our new project on personalized medicine and our free tool to estimate caregiver time.


Find the newsletter here.

iMTA July ’18 newsletter

A new pricing model for oncology, summary of the displacement in health care symposium, early health technology assessment and more.

Find our July 2018 newsletter here.

iMTA April newsletter 2018

Our April 2018 newsletter is online. Find it here.

In this newsletter we highlight:

  • Updates on our endeavors in impact investing in life sciences
  • Start of a collaboration with Malta to redesign market access evaluations
  • Enrollment in our epilepsy seizure dog trial
  • Closing of the prostate cancer registry
Costs of traztuzumab and rituximab HER2pos

The aim of this study was to investigate healthcare and societal costs associated with SC injections and IV infusions of two oncology drugs (i.e. trastuzumab and rituximab) in The Netherlands. The study results were presented in a poster presentation at ISPOR Barcelona 2018. Please find the publication of study results here.

iMTA newletter October 2017

Find our October 2017 newsletter here in which we report on our ISPOR presence (presenting schedule here), our new trial in epilepsy support dogs, our new H2020 project in the cost-effectiveness of self-management and more.

Vacancy #3

We are looking for a secretary, 16 hours a week. Speaking Dutch is a requirement.

Please read the vacancy text here and apply before the 22nd of September 2017. Job interviews will be held the last week of September.


Looking forward to meeting you!