• iProductivity Cost Questionnaire (iPCQ)
    (in English, Dutch, Czech, Danish, German, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian).
  • iMedical Consumption Questionnaire (iMCQ)
    (in English, Dutch and Danish).
  • Treatment Inventory of Costs in Patients with psychiatric disorders (TIC-P).
    Adults (Dutch, English and Portuguese), TIC-P Kinderen (in Dutch), TIC-P Midi Volwassenen (in Dutch).
    Note: The TIC-P Midi can be used in populations that correspond to the population in the publication by Timman et al. (2015), i.e. institutionalized patients with personality disorders. In other populations, i.e. those receiving more outpatient care, the use of the full-length TIC-P is recommended, as discussed in Kanters et al. (2019).


  • iProductivity Cost Questionnaire (iPCQ) (in Dutch and English).
  • iMedical Consumption Questionnaire (iMCQ) (in Dutch and English).
  • TIC-P Adults (in Dutch and English).
  • TIC-P Kinderen (in Dutch).

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