Questionnaires for the measurement of costs in economic evaluations

iMTA has developed several questionnaires over the past 25 years. These questionnaires are available for use by others to improve standardization in measurement in health economic evaluation. You can find more information on the following questionnaires:



Widely used instruments

The different versions of our questionnaires are widely used. Our instruments are used in studies across the globe, in a variety of study types and in virtually all disease areas. The number of registrations for the iPCQ, iMCQ and TIC-P have been increasing ever since the development of the instruments. In 2023, we received the 1,000th registration of the iPCQ instrument, since its development in 2015.

How to select your questionnaire

Which questionnaire to use is dependent on the research question. The iPCQ and iMCQ are complimentary.  The iPCQ measures productivity losses, whereas the iMCQ measures health care utilization. The iPCQ and iMCQ are generic questionnaires, that can be used in every indication.

The TIC-P measures health care utilization in psychiatric patients. Furthermore, the iPCQ is an integral part of the TIC-P questionnaire.


Permission for questionnaire use is required for the iPCQ, iMCQ and TIC-P and can be requested using the registration form on the questionnaire pages.

Registration is not necessary for Carerqol and MHQOL.  You can use these questionnaires without obtaining permission.

More information

You can find more information about our questionnaires on the questionnaire pages.

For additional information on the iPCQ, iMCQ and TIC-P instruments, please contact

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