iMTA Medical Consumption Questionnaire


The iMTA Medical Consumption Questionnaire (iMCQ) is an instrument for measuring medical consumption. The iMCQ includes questions related to frequently occurring contacts with health care providers. The iMCQ is a generic questionnaire. It is therefore not disease specific. In other words, reference is made to healthcare consumption due to illness, disability or psychiatric problems, without specifying a particular disease. It is not always easy for the patient to define healthcare consumption according to specific diseases or treatments. For this reason, use is preferably made of generic questions.

The iMCQ can easily be combined with the iPCQ. For the measurement of costs of medical consumption, we recommend the us of the iMCQ, except if you’re focusing on patients with psychiatric illnesses, in case we recommend the use of the TIC-P.

The iMCQ is currently available in 6 different languages, including English and Dutch. See below for a full list of translations. Since 2015, iMCQ has been used in over 450 studies across the globe, including the United States, the UK, Australia, the Netherlands, Germany and many multi-country studies.

The iMCQ is available in the following languages:

Arabic  |  Danish  |  Dutch  |  English  |  Finnish  |  Turkish


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