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Learn everything you need to know to join discussions on Health Economics and Outcomes Research in the our E-learning courses. We provide two online courses about Health Technology Assessment to support healthcare decision making. Both courses are suited for every level of education. You can follow the courses at your own pace and take all the time you need to finish.

You don’t need any previous knowledge for the foundation course, but we advise you to complete the foundation course before you enroll to the advanced course.

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Content of the HEOR foundation course

In the online foundation course you will learn about Health Economics and Outcomes Research and why it is widely used in healthcare decision making. You will gain a profound understanding of the rationale for using health economics and you will learn about the key principles of health technology assessment. The foundation course consists of 8 lessons covering the basic concepts of health economics such as costs, cost-effectiveness, thresholds, quality-adjusted life year, as well as an introduction to biostatistics and epidemiology. The foundation course entails about 60 study hours.

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Content of the HEOR advanced course

In the online advanced course you will learn about the methods used in Health Economics and Outcomes Research. You will learn to evaluate the inputs of a health economic model and you will learn to interpret the results of a health economic model. The advanced course consists of 7 lessons covering regression analysis, quality-adjusted life years, burden of illness, survival analysis, modelling, and the uncertainty of outcomes of cost-effectiveness results. The advanced course entails about 90 study hours.

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