iMTA Productivity Cost Questionnaire


The impact of disease on the ability of a person to perform work should be part of an economic evaluation when a societal perspective is applied. iMTA is highly experienced in methods for measuring and valuing productivity losses. During the past years a number of questionnaires were developed for measuring productivity losses (respectively the Health & Labour Questionnaire, the Short Form-HLQ and PRODISQ) and several scientific papers were written on this topic including the valuation of productivity losses.

These questionnaires contributed to the development of the iMTA Productivity Cost Questionnaire (iPCQ), bundling all relevant parts of the previously mentioned questionnaires into a short generic measurement instrument. Additionally, we developed a manual containing information on the modular structure of the iPCQ and its scoring- and valuation methods that are used for the cost calculations. The iPCQ is a generic questionnaire and is applicable to national and international studies. Currently, 18 translations are available, among which Dutch, English, German, Spanish and French. See below for a full list of translations. For the measurement of productivity losses we recommend the use of the iPCQ.

The iPCQ is available in the following languages:

Arabic  |  Czech  |  Danish  |  Dutch  |  English (US)  |  English (UK)  |  English (CAN)  |  English (AUS)  |  Finnish  |  French  |  German  |  Hungarian  |  Italian  |  Japanese  |  Korean  |  Norwegian  |  Polish  |  Portuguese  |  Romanian  |  Spanish  |  Turkish  

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