iMTA has worked on several NICE submissions for diabetes.

iMTA has published frequently on complex chronic disease models.

Key achievements in the field of diabetes

Costing study

iMTA assessed key cost-drivers for a wide range of disease management programs, including diabetes. Innovative elements of this costing study was the inclusion of development and implementation costs of a disease management program. The costing study showed that implementation and development costs are crucial to achieve good access to care and a sustainable program. Incorrectly estimating these costs is a predictor of program failure. iMTA developed a costing tool to correctly estimate these development and implementation costs.

Economic evaluations

iMTA performed the economic evaluation of 22 disease management programs, among which diabetes. Core elements of these programs were multidisciplinary collaboration, also between primary and secondary care, in a two-year observational study. Key success factors of the disease management program were lifestyle related: more physical exercise, less smoking and consequently, a higher quality of life than the comparator group. A comprehensive disease management program is effective and can be cost-effective.